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Volunteering information

Thank you for volunteering, your support is much appreciated. Please complete the following questions to help us identify the areas in which you can help us.

Contact details:
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Please tick the jobs you are interested in volunteering for:
 Ushering (Checking tickets and seating audience at shows)
 Mail-out enveloping
 Postering (Delivering posters & fliers to cafés and shops)

Do you hold a full drivers licence?
Do you have the use of a car (your mileage will be recompensed)?

If you have selected Postering above, please tell us which local shopping areas you could cover e.g. St Heliers / Mission Bay / Kohi Beach:

Please indicate the time you have available for volunteering (approximately):

Please tell us about yourself (e.g. work experience, hobbies, skills, parent / grandparent):

Thank you for your support. Your time and effort is very much appreciated.

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“Mrs Wishy-Washy is more than just a comfortable hour long dalliance in the theatre. It is a fine addition to the children theatre…”

 — Lexie Matheson