Colouring Competition – Mrs Wishy-Washy

In conjuction with Auckland Libraries prior to the School Holiday Season we are running the Colouring Competition.  And who knows maybe your child will get your family 4 tickets to the show…? How awesome will it be?

There are 3 age groups where the first prize winners get 4 tickets to the show (Mrs Wishy-Washy by Joy Cowley), while second and third prize winners get a book voucher from Dorothy Butler children’s bookshop and a show poster signed by the cast & crew. It’s pretty exciting, so don’t miss out.

Head to your local library in Auckland* or go to Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop, pick up an entry and let your children colour it the way the see Mrs Wishy-Washy coming Live on stage from the well-known book illustration.

*Please note that we are doing our best to grow relations with each Auckland Library, but it still work in progress. Therefore, not every Library in Auckland supports our Colouring Competition. So if you didn’t happen to find an entry form neaither in the library nor in the bookshop, feel free to email us at so we can email that entry to you directly.


Hooray! Welcome to our New website!

Welcome to our Blog Chronicles and our first post,

We have waited for that web-change for quite some time. Months of development, design ideas, and strategic thinking have passed us by and resulted in something new and awesome. Finally, we arrived at our almost final destination – Tim Bray Productions is proud to announce a launch of the new website.

Why do we say almost final destination? Simply because there are still a few things in the pipeline that we’d like to add to improve the general look and functionality of the website. As we stand for making theatre for children accessible to ALL children, making our website user-friendly and accessible to people with various physical needs is a key focus for our team too.

However, we couldn’t push the launch date longer.  So here we are! Hooray! Let’s celebrate it with cupcakes, milkshakes and gelato goodness!

What do you think about our new website look?

We crave for your honest opinion as we crave for some yummy treats too 😉

25 Years Anniversary Video Series

Last year our theatre company for children celebrated its 25 years anniversary. As a part of celebration we brought the best productions to 2016 season including The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch, Badjelly the Witch, Lion in the Meadow and Other Stories (that we also toured up North, down to Hamilton and Tauranga) and the classic 15th anniversary production The Santa Claus Show ’16.

Watch our 25 years anniversary video interview series with the cast & crew who shared their lovely & hilarious with us as well as representatives of foundations and organisations that support our Gift a Seat programme.