Gift a Seat

Gift a Seat™ is a platform, where you can help a child experience the joys of live theatre and put a smile on their face.

We’re giving individuals and companies the unique opportunity to sponsor children from low declile schools, Kelston Deaf Education Centre, BLENNZ (Blind and Low Vision Education Network of New Zealand) and families from Make-A-Wish (New Zealand) to come and attend our shows and participate in our Youth Theatre workshops and classes at no cost. Having an opportunity to experience live theatre is a life enriching experience for some children will never have without Gift a Seat™.

On the edge of their seats, these children are immersed: transported, joyful, fearful, anticipating, calling out, cheering. Precisely as intended, they are playing a part in the performance.

Gift a Seat™  makes the world of children’s theatre accessible to everyone and inspires them through the love of the performing arts.

“I think your charity is wonderful! We are very grateful for the 72 seats. Badjelly the Witch was, what I thought, an outstanding play. My favourite part was …. EVERYTHING”
Jessica, student at Ruapotaka School
“As a low decile school, our community would not have been able to afford this for our students so we are thrilled to be gifted tickets and are extremely grateful to those who sponsored them…Attending the show provided our children with an insight into another world and opened up a door to develop their own creativity and desire to perform”
Gael Vickers Principle,  Ruapotaka School

How you can donate

You can donate as little as $25 to provide one free seat for a child who will attend a live theatre performance or you can set up a monthly donation of your choice. Please make your donation at
For further information or to discuss becoming a patron please contact Gail Rotherham on (09) 486 2261 or