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Mrs Wishy-Washy is a hit! Of course, we are down at the theatre every day with the giggling children and smiling faces so we knew that already, but in case you needed any more convincing the reviews have started to roll in!

Zanna Gillespie from the New Zealand Herald says of the “delightful children’s musical“, “Hayley Dallimore is the fabulously camp Mrs Wishy-Washy, a farm wife with an exaggerated Kiwi accent who delights in keeping her home – and animals – clean, neat and tidy. The mud-loving Cow (Tim Raby), Pig (Dylan Underwood) and Duck (Katie Burson) make for an hysterical trio wreaking havoc at the Wishy-Washy farm with Mud, Bubbles and Water, played excellently for laughs by a very limber Amber Liberte.

While all six cast members have great comedic timing, enjoyed by the adults in the audience as well as the children, the standout performance comes from Zak Enayat as Mr Wishy-Washy. A scene in which he plants corn for his wife has no dialogue and is made up entirely of a bouncy strut, a head jiggle, some large hand gestures and flamboyant facial expressions. It brings the house down.

A big part of the shows for us is making sure that kids can get involved and feel like they are part of the story, and Caroline Botting from Stuff.co.nz noted; “It was great to see how the kids were wowed by the small things, including the real bubbles that fell from the ceiling during bath time, and the moment the audience was asked to participate in singing Mrs Wishy-Washy happy birthday. I was also very impressed with the musical accompaniment performed by one-man-band, musician Rupert Grobben.

This is another great Tim Bray show and I’d thoroughly recommend it for a great afternoon out with the kids. The only request for the next one – more songs and dances please.

One thing we can definitely promise is there will always be song and dance! We are thrilled to hear wonderful feedback like this from reviewers, as well as the touching emails that we have been getting from parents and teachers, but the party isn’t over yet! With another week of school holidays left, you still have time to join the action and head down for a show or book the kids in for our ever-popular Theatre Workshops, full of games, activities and exclusive behind the scene access!


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