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Zach ‘Hit the Stage’… and TV!

For some people confidence comes naturally and for others, it is learnt. For Zach Dignan, it was as though it was inside him all along, just waiting to be brought out with the help of Tim Bray Productions’ holiday programme, Hit the Stage! Zach’s Oma encouraged him to join the programme because although Zac had participated in band performances, he still wanted to be more confident and outgoing. Zach had a keen interest in all things acting, and he went out on a limb to take part.

Five days might seem a short time to you or I, but for a young person, it only takes five days to change the way they see the world. For Zach, those days meant a growing passion and confidence for the stage. “I think I learned a lot and I am now a lot more confident.” Zach explains, “ I have done many more acts on stage after going to the programme because I learnt more about acting and being confident on stage.”

To top of Zach’s programme experience, he was given the opportunity to audition for a TV piece where he could be interviewing famous New Zealand politicians. In the past this may not have been an easy feat for Zach but he leapt into the experience and got the part! “We weren’t expecting to get in the cast but we did and I was kind of surprised seeing as there were so many children at the audition.” He says, “I think the programme really helped me because if I hadn’t gone to the programmes I probably would have been scared to talk or say the wrong thing.” You can watch the video here.

It’s fair to say that a short five days has turned into much more, and this is not an uncommon story that we hear. So often all it takes for young people to come out of their shell is a little encouragement, a little skilled guidance and a lot of fun – and who knows where it could take them! When asked what Zach would say to other young people considering a five day Hit The Stage! course, his response was a definitive “do it, it’s worth it” and we can’t argue with that!

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